What is the use of yellow Xanax bars?

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The tablets of Xanax come in several doses. Depending upon their strengths and working, they are classified by different colors and shapes. The use of a Xanax tablet is to manage the disorder like – anxiety and panic attacks. People are informed not to take any dosage form of Xanax without having a written prescription from a doctor.

What is the use of yellow Xanax bars?
The pill of a yellow Xanax bar is the most commonly prescribed kind of Xanax. The pharmaceutical firms that manufacture this drug have kept its color distinct from the rest of the others. Most of the time, you will come across white color tablets of a medicine. The manufacturers that keep the drug color difference is due to the reason that it can be called out by its color in general.

The yellow Xanax bars are available in the strength of 2mg. On the front of a yellow Xanax bar, you will see an imprint of R 039. This impression on the drug is the unique identification that is market by the manufacturer. Almost all of the Xanax bars are of the same strength and effectiveness. A yellow Xanax pill can be broken into four pieces with the help of the lines that divide the tablet into four halves. There is a street name for this drug, which is a school bus. It is given after the shape and color of the yellow Xanax bar. Also, by the street, the cost of a yellow Xanax bar will is $4 for each pill.

How are Xanax bars different from Xanax tablets?
As we told you earlier, Xanax is a drug that is available in different strengths, colors, and forms. The shape of a Xanax defines if it’s a tablet or a bar. For example – white, yellow, and green Xanax bar are rectangular in shape. This shape of the tablet tells that the drug is a Xanax bar, which is commonly available in 2mg strength. People often term yellow Xanax bars, white Xanax bars, and green Xanax bars collectively as Xanax bars.

In other words, a Xanax tablet can be any form of the drug that is available in the market. But, if we use the term “Xanax bar,” then it is usually for the bar-shaped Xanax tablets. You can buy Xanax online from the websites that give you the appropriate information for the drug. Hence, you may say that there is practically no difference between a Xanax bar and a tablet. There is a difference in the name because of the change in shapes.

What is the side effect of yellow Xanax bars?
Because the yellow Xanax bar is a higher strength dose of the drug, there can be numerous side effects of the drug. Patients are advised to follow the steps provided in the prescription of the medication. The aftereffects of Xanax bar are as follows –
Slurred speech
Lack of balance
Vomiting stomach upset
Feeling tired
Unable to sleep
Excessive sweating
Change in appetite
Weight fluctuations
Weakness in the muscles

The side effects that are mentioned above are listed in no particular order. It means that a person may fall prey to the harmful side effects at times. In most of the cases, the side effects that occur are mild and wear off within a few days. If in case you do not notice them disappear, you should report it to your health advisor.

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