Believing anything aside from Runescape gold

 With that sort of believing anything aside from Runescape gold studying and earning cash is wasting time. Why bother having friends or going on holiday or masturbating? I'd bet almost anything that this man will want those hours back at some stage in his lifetime. Rscape ought to be filler for bored times not your life.
"When you're doing somehing you love, you're not wasting any moment" really are you really that fucking ignorant? So you're saying that if I spend 3 years on playing a match rather than studying and complete my level, that time was not wasted?
 Me choosing a video game above a degree was not a waste? It is funny, this great journey of life that you've apparently embarked on hasn't taught you any humility. Setting himself enormous goals, great big unattainable unrealistic objectives and then really following through together is a skill that can remain with him for best place to buy money on old runescape the remainder of his life. 
The realisation that with patience, dedication and hard work, it is possible to move mountains is among THE lessons of life, it's the crucial part of greatness.
on July 18 at 08:22 PM

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