Since the release of Buy OSRS gold

 Since the release of Buy OSRS gold, a great deal of old players in addition to new players have arrived at the game. The cellular OSRS for IPhone and Android also really increased the amount of players. Each of the players that didn't jump back to the train when OSRS was released got the option to train on the move with cellular OSRS!
What can be more convincing then that? In my view however, majority of OSRS players will be the gamers who played 10 years ago but we are all old now. As we continue to grow old, get full time jobs, start families or whatever else comes as an adult, a number people might get busy and not have time for Runescape.
(At least the quantity of time needed to really get those safest place to buy osrs gold elevated levels and achievements) Jagex needs to focus on getting new teens into the game. It's a challenge since most teenagers do different objects then teenagers of 10 years back but its definitely possible. As long as Jagex continues to acquire younger new players, I believe Runescape will continue to grow and flourish!
on July 20 at 07:28 PM

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