Versatile nailgun which has been designed

De Walt is renowned for the quality and performance they bring to the power tool market and the DC628K XRP is no exception. This heavy duty nail gun has been designed for a serious amount of work. And the dual shot mode gives the user control over the shot rate, single nails or rapid fire for larger areas.With a narrow head and a good LED for lighting the nailer is ideal for working in tight poorly light areas, like inside cupboards or closets, the DC628K XRP is also ideal for trim carpentry, base boards, moldings, paneling etc. Though it is also capable to take on the heavier tasks, for instance hardwood flooring.

The De Walt DC628K XRP nail gun has the power to take on not only soft wood, but additionally - ply, hard wood and other sheet wood products, making it a very flexible and practical nailer. This nail gun has a special rear nail load cavity which is sealed to keep out dust, which might otherwise cause the nail gun to malfunction. Due to the naler being jam clearing built there is no downtime, for releasing jammed nails. The swing open nose makes the clearing of ‘jammed’ nails quick, safe and easy.The battery can be fully charged and ready to go in just one hour, although for M-fiber board fine punch those using the nailgun for prolonged periods it is generally recommended they purchase a spare battery, that way one can be on the go while the other is being charged, so reducing downtime and the frustration of getting part way through the job and having to wait till the battery recharges

This is what JB in the US has to say about his DC628K finish nailer:“I've had this gun about 3 years and am still amazed at how great it works. If you take into account what it was designed to give a dependable,powerful,easy to operate solution to those who don't want the hassle of compressors for small to medium jobs...then it is perfect. The ONLY drawback is the weight and size. But again, as those who own a lot of tools know, there is always some tradeoff, so even considering the weight the tool is perfect. Take the Paslode cordless nailer for instance. It's light and small but you have to buy costly fuel cells, because it's got a mini compression engine in it.”In summary this nailer is a reliable, heavy duty, and versatile nailgun which has been designed to make short work of the toughest jobs and provide the professional finish.

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