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Americans spend nearly $40 billion every year on fish and shellfish products with about $26 billion being purchased in foodservice establishments and about $14 billion at retail. United States people consume about Seven percent of the total world catch of fish.


We believe the results were worth it. We found that much of the seafood was so tainted that regulators could have confiscated it - if only they were looking.


 Roe investigates the alarming mercury levels in supermarket Shelf dividers Manufacturers fish. Results show how supermarkets are routinely selling seafood highly contaminated with mercury, which can cause learning disabilities in children and neurological problems in adults. The investigation also documented the hidden risks of canned tuna and decades of regulatory failure. Please send your review to Indo Munch


At Walnut Hills Country Club in East Lansing, MI, chef Kevin Kueppers prepares the members' favorite Friday night meal - deep fried perch with sides of coleslaw and french fries. Simple? Yes. But in today's uncertain climate, many at the club are opting for the ease of traditional recipes.

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