Madden 20: TOTW 12 predictions Who earned a MUT TOTW card

Week 12 is over and done, with many players dominating. Who won the MUT TOTW card? I'm not sure how, but there are only five regular-season games left. Two-thirds of this season has disappeared. But every week brings a lot of excitement, and so does this week. Below are the predictions brought by professional Madden 20 Coins dealer GameMS, these will be the most likely earned a MUT TOTW card.

Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LTD) – 93 OVR

This season is very good for Godwin, because this week he should win his second limited card of the year. The Bucs receiver places monster numbers against the Falcon. He caught seven of the eight passes, turning them into 184 yards and two touchdowns. He deserves a second limited card.

Jarvis Landry, Cleveland Browns (Hero) – 91 OVR

Lan's successor tortured his former team. He looked almost unstoppable and continued the football boom. The former dolphin caught 10 passes at 148 yards and scored two points. He accounted for 45.3% of the aerial Browns field.

Sheldon Richardson, Cleveland Browns (Hero) – 91 OVR

The Cleveland Browns need a big win, and their match against the Miami Dolphins couldn't be more appropriate. Brown thumped them, and Richardson did well. After moving offseason, the defensive winger played his first big game for the Browns. Richardson contributed five tackles in total, including two sacks and one that was forced to fall. They are his first sacks this season.

D.J. Moore, Carolina Panthers – 87 OVR

The Panthers may have lost, but Moore-and offense-do their best to avoid this. Last year's first-round draft pick was a large-scale weapon centered by Kyle Allen, and the 12th game against the Saints was the latest game to prove it. The catcher caught 6 passes, but bloomed 126 yards in those opportunities and turned into a touchdown. He also rushed for eight yards, and it was worth it.

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