Honor has been introduced to World of Warcraft Classic

Honor has been introduced to World of Warcraft Classic, giving PVP players an incentive to kill each other. The second phase of World of Warcraft Classic has hit the shores of Azeroth, bringing new content for players to continue mindlessly grinding. The Lord Kazzak and Azuregos raids give those that have already hit level 60 and can gather 40 people together a chance to unlock some truly powerful and exclusive loot.

Developers announced that the system would be coming to Classic on November 12, with Phase Two of the roadmap they laid out earlier in the year.Most of the World of Warcraft time was spent on the new expansion 'Shadowlands', but developers have told us what's coming in each phase, so we know exactly what's coming.

The Honor System is a way to track honor throughout the entire server, honor is based on getting honorable kills from the opposing faction, Alliance or Horde. Honorable kills are when you or someone in your group kills a member of the opposing faction, either in battlegrounds or world PvP. In addition, Cheap WOW Classic Gold is on hot sale at our website z2u.com.

On November 15, Blizzard released its honor system, awarding players with honor points for taking down honorable targets. An honorable target is one that is around the same level as the player, making it so that there is no reward for killing lower-leveled players (even though that's not going to stop anyone). The honor system will play a much larger role once the battlegrounds are released, allowing players to unlock high leveled armor and weapons once they've accumulated enough honor points.

The honor system has also created a necessity for battlegrounds, seeing as players who are looking to gain honor points have taken to spending most of their time killing other players, seeing as that's currently their only means of doing so. This led to a lot of frustration from players who are merely trying to complete quests, compelling Blizzard to release battlegrounds sooner than before.
on November 29 at 12:59 AM

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