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I had been and still kind I'm excited about the notion of such a basic aspect RuneScape gold of the runescape game being updated as that is the kind of change I truly believe RuneScape needs for long-term longevity and was mostly ignored (with the exception of bank rework, which was amazing and I very much value ), but this feels like a half measure that might not be well worth the trouble and could backfire when people learn it isn't likely to assist PvM in any way.

Please consider either delaying these adjustments until they could be reached in a means that will benefit PvM, or saying what you've said here explicitly in a way that more of this community will see so that there will not be a lot of disappointment and outrage and crab emojis when it gets released and falls short of individuals' hopes and expectations. However, I truly do think you could be making a community relations mistake here and strongly urge you to consider the way you're implementing and advertising that this change and whether it might backfire if you stay with the present strategy.

Please for the love of god think them if they say that they don't know if these attributes are even possible. They need to spend time designing and researching and preparing and trying to foresee and test problems about these highly experimental characteristics and at the worst (but really very possible) case it will lead to the answer that no it is not possible (or not feasible more inclined as they would want to do something like rewrite the runescape game from the ground up and freeze all new features for decades ). When folks get hyped about this and Jagex sees that as a license to perform this highly experimental work runescape players will need to value that may mean less funds put on more dependable updates (something runescape players are already whining about) plus a risk it just will not work.

Personally I am all in for that trade-off but I could just see reddit whining in 6 months or next RuneFest or anything and faster-ticks becoming the new bank-rework meme.As someone who stop playing RS but still plays OSRS in addition to other hot MMOs I can not stress enough how significant the quicker tick rate is to your own game. The responsiveness of your sport as well as the UI are the greatest reasons why I refuse to play it with actions bar style combat. There's no other"better" update. Responsive gameplay makes good games people are ready to spend money on.

Given that the tick change is a huge project at the scope of the entire game, has got the idea come up to alter it for regions of the runescape game in isolation that would benefit from it the most, such as battle? I'm convinced that is also quite an endeavour to implement, but it would allow slow rollout and an easier time testing server stress. Every part of the runescape game divided by changing the tick could be looked at one at a time instead of all at once, together with diminishing returns on which actions benefit from the responsiveness. Of course it is still a huge job even then awarded that supporting only battle to begin would also likely require supporting motion and any other heavily-tied systems even if a fantastic alternative osrs how to buy gold for making this incremental is found.
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