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Roxicodone is a well-known brand version of generic drug Oxycodone which is a powerful opioid medication. Sometimes an opioid is also sold as narcotics. 

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Doctors commonly prescribe Roxicodone for pain management. It may only be used for the management of pain severe enough to require an opioid analgesic and when other alternative treatments are inadequate.

What should I need to tell my doctor or pharmacist before I use Roxicodone? 

A patient should tell his/her doctor if he or she has an allergy to Oxycodone or any other ingredient containing Roxicodone.

You should also tell your healthcare advisor if you have an allergic history with any type of drugs, foods, and other substances. 

If you are a nursing mother or a pregnant lady or planning to a baby.

If you are taking other drugs like Buprenorphine, nalbuphine, butorphanol, and linezolid or methylene blue.

What are the common things I need to know while I use Roxicodone? 

Never use more than what your doctor told you to take. Taking a drug through overdose can increase the chances of terrible side effects.

It can make you a little dizzy when changing a sitting position. You should be careful when going up and down stairs.

Never use such medication with other strong pain killers or other drugs. Avoid mixing Roxicodone with Alcohol; it can increase the risk of side effects.

Roxicodone can raise the chances of seizures in certain people, including individuals who have or ever had a problem of seizures in the past. 

People with severe pain can take it by mouth with or without food at regular intervals, as indicated by your doctor. 


  • Initial dose: 5 mg to 15 mg every four to six hours as needed for pain.

  • Dosage titration: Users may increase their doses depending on the severity of their pain. 

Are there any side effects of using Roxicodone? 

Note- This medication guide contains side effects information about Oxycodone. 

  • A slow heart rate or weak pulse

  • Noisy breathing, shallow breathing or sighing

  • Confusion unusual thoughts or behavior

Symptoms of overdose

  • Change in consciousness

  • constricted, pinpoint, and small pupils (black part of the eye)

  • extreme drowsiness

It is not a complete list of side effects cause by Roxicodone. If you feel any unexpected effect during the treatment, contact your doctor immediately. 


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