Buying the Right Bike Lock for the First Time

Choosing the right bike lock is as important as picking the bike itself. If you don’t have the best bike lock, someone will simply steal your bike and ride away with it. When it comes to bike locks, you have a variety of options to choose from. From regular cable locks to highly secure bike u lock and digital locks, there is an array of bike locks you can buy for your ride. 

However, the key is to pick the right kind of bike cable lock. Keep in mind that bike locks can range from anywhere between $50-$400. Since there are too many options, first time buyers are likely to get confused while choosing the right bike lock. This is why we have compiled a couple of helpful tips that’ll make it much easier to buy the best bike lock for your bike. 

Set Your Budget

First and foremost, set a specific budget that you are willing to spend on a bike lock. As we mentioned earlier, bike locks can even cost $400. In some cases, this cost can be more than the cost of the bike itself and you may not want to spend this much on a bike lock. So, before you go about shopping for a bike lock, make sure to set a budget and look for bike locks in that budget itself. 

Know Bike Lock Types

There are different types of bike locks. However, the most popular bike lock types include cable lock, U lock bike lock, and chain lock. Each of these bike locks is designed to solve a specific purpose. For instance, a cable lock is suitable for locking the wheels with the frame as it is not as durable as a U lock bike lock. A chain lock, on the other hand, can be used to lock the frame as well as it is more durable than a regular cable lock. 

Look for Online Deals

In most cases, you’ll be able to secure a better deal online than buying the bike lock from a local bike shop. So, make sure to look for various online platforms that sell bike locks. ViaVelLock is one such platform where you can find a wide range of bike locks, ranging from small cable lock to U lock bike lock

These are three of the tips that’ll help you find the best bike lock for your bike and completely secure your bike from thieves. 

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