Here’s How to Activate Wi-Fi Mode on Brother Printer

The entire line of Brother Printer doesn’t feel cheap when compared with mainstream competitors like HP and Canon. The advanced features make Brother Printer a standout brand in the low-cost printer market. Nearly every model of Brother Printer supports Wi-Fi printing. Here are the steps that can help you activate this mode on the Brother printer.


        First, place your printer in the vicinity of your networking device.

        Now turn on your printer and waits until it becomes ready for printing.

        Press and hold the WPS button on your gateway for a few seconds.

        Now slowly turn your machine so that you can get access to its back. Here you will find the

        Wireless setup button that you need to press for 2 sec.

        Now your printing device will go in the search mode and try locating the available network. As soon as it finds the gateway that supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup, the notification LED of toner starts blinking on your machine.

        All you need to wait until Ready LED flashes out on your machine. This will give the indication that your machine is now connected with your router.


Certainly, this is the easiest way to set up Waif mode on your Brother machine. If you encounter something unusual during this process then stops right there and call Brother Printer live chat. Our experts will make sure that you get all the detail regarding the Brother Printer Wi-Fi setup so that you can perform the aforementioned procedure with ease.

on January 16 at 12:35 AM

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