Kritika Online appears to be coming back to life in the west

Western version of Kritika Online get a new chance in life just a few months after it was closed by En Masse Entertainment back in April. Allm game developer Korea, seeking to bring back online anime fighters from death by publishing its own games. According to the Facebook page recently, the game will come back online in November with a new title: Kritika Reboot.

Back in April, we said goodbye to Kritika Online as En Masse Entertainment closed down after two years of operation. While the game continues to run in South Korea, it was farewell to this beach; You can catch the end of the flow of the game MJ just below. But it seems that might not end after all, as a Facebook group that is managed by the developer allm is proud to claim that the game is on the way back up to November.

No real details are available on the Facebook page at this time out of date and official artwork for what seems called Kritika Reboot, making it difficult to ascertain what the details will be. This certainly looks like the original developers are self publishing server to resume local service, but we must keep our eyes peeled to what happens next. If you're sad about saying goodbye, perhaps this would be a chance to say hello again. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Kritika: REBOOT Gold For Sale.

ALLM says Kritika Reboot will have two major differences from the original game. First, is the elimination of Stamina system which means that players will be able to play as long as they like. Second, is that most of the items to be earned in the game without the need to shell out real world. Most fixtures and equipment will also be traded.

The Brawlers anime online had some fights style, but it's an example-based game in the style SoulWorker, no open world to explore. It looks decent, but it was definitely aged quite a bit. Will relaunch turn out to be successful, or it will fade into obscurity like it happens with other Relaunches?
on March 24 at 06:56 PM

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