NBA 2K20: One live broadcast attracted nearly 800,000 viewers

NBA 2K20's weekend activities are very active, thanks to a member of a ribbon team, influencer team and 2K promotion team. Popular YouTuber and streaming media Cash Nasty, Troydan, Agent00, AnnyingTV, ImDavisss, Tyceno, 2KTV host Chris Manning aka LD2K, LosPollosTV, Duke Dennis and Chicagoan King in the fourth quarter all together to play the NBA 2K20 All-Star Alliance The results are shocking. For more details, you can continue to read the news brought by GameMS and Buy Cheap NBA 2K20 MT at a very cheap price.

At the same time, the All-Star Alliance appears to have attracted nearly 100,000 viewers across all channels of influencers. Champ is the strong voice of the 2K Pro-Am and eSports communities, capturing a snapshot of impressive ratings: After streaming has been played and stored on Troydan and Cash Nasty's channels to continue watching, the numbers continue to increase.

Cash's Twitch channel has attracted a lot of live audiences, his Twitch archive video has nearly 24,000 views, and besides, he reached a peak of 26,000 views during the live broadcast. AnnoyingTV has nearly 5,000 viewers watching some of his videos. Overall, this is a huge win for all relevant characters, the brand's NBA 2K, and sports games. Before the live broadcast, Troydan and Cash as their captains streamed their All-Star Draft: If you want to know, Cash's team won 3 of the best series.

The power of stars from 2K and YouTube is a big reason to be attractive, but to be honest, the mode they choose to play with may be related to the response.

The All-Star Alliance uses real NBA players, so each player must play with his favorite star. Cash is a die-hard LeBron James fan, and LD2K has been looking for the late Kobe Bryant. Both control such popular NBA stars, and this chemical reaction resonates with the audience.

In short, the event was fun and distracting because of the unfortunate reality of the coronavirus world and the subsequent global shutdown.  GameMS will also continue to provide you with more latest news about NBA 2K20, at the same time you can also Buy NBA 2K20 MT in our store, very affordable.
on March 30 at 09:21 PM

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