Sex Lubrication- Best to Lead a Smother and Plesant Love Making

Sex lubrication is a liquid that is used to lead smoother intercourse. It is basically manufactured to make sex a smooth process and at the same time to maintain hygiene while having sex. Most adults and youngsters are very fond of porn movies and whatever they watch in porn movies, they try to apply in their real lives despite not knowing the reality of those erotic acts they watch in porn movies. For instance, most people love to use their saliva for intercourse part as they watched a porn actor doing the same in porn movies. But for your kind information, using your saliva does not lead to maintain the hygiene level so it is better to use sex lubrication to intercourse. 

Three Types of Sex Lubrication

Mainly there are three types of sex lubrications and those all are predominantly used with sex toys. However, they are not only manufactured for sex toys rather they can be effectively used while having intercourse. The first type of sex lubrication is water-based lube. This kind of lubes is great for those adults who love to have one of the safest sex lube. This is safe as it is a water-based lube and does not harm the skin and private parts of human beings. But when you will use it while having sex, you will need to apply it for two-three times as it gets dry very soon. Second sex lubrication is oil-based sex lube. It is widely used with sex toys and also effective for a physical relationship. It is really very effective with all the perspective and also lasts longer than other sex lubes. If you want to have smoother and longer sex then you should go for this kind of sex lube. The last one is silicon-based sex lube. It is also very effective to lead smoother and pleasurable sex. 

So, whatever you consider better for your needs, buy it online and amazingly change your sexual life.  


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