The assumptions are around the Madden nfl 20 coins

The assumptions are around the Madden nfl 20 coins place on these threads. All speculation as the information presented is the basis of matters and no specifics on structure. Definitely could be dreadful, but can also be no matter, or less of an issue, based on requirements for actually accessing a 105.
I play aggressive across the board. Provided that you have no information on of the ways in which badges are obtained or requirements upgrade to 105s and to get badges, your comment is speculation. Nothing in that record obviously indicates a number of ways will exist to get badges and says pay to triumph. Everybody is in panic mode like on day one everyone is going to have a team full of 105 OVR players and max power and I am convinced that will not be the case at all.
I'm just trying to demonstrate my important questions for this new change. How can the balance team justify that preceding incremental power cap changes were 12.5/11.1% (I started when cap was 50) but this can be a 200+% increase? 
If you'd a maximum power current team and buy Madden 20 coins faced it vs a maximum power team during the 60 energy cap age, it would find a +3 increase in case it replaced all 30 of its players. Repeating that scenario with the Madden Max gamers a team is only going to require 2 players to find a +4, surpassing a complete team replacement from the aforementioned case, and 3 to find a maxed out energy increase. This isn't even accounting for the essentially doubled effect of electricity postings throughout the stat reducer.
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