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How do I improve my island's rating and use the Island Designer program?
As soon as your island is Animal Crossing New Horizons Items teeming with villagers your next job is to continue to boost the rating of your town so that K.K Slider will notice it. When talking to Isabelle at her counter, she will reveal feedback from residents about your island in addition to giving your island a score from five stars. This feedback will highlight your island's strengths as well as any areas which have to be improved.
 Isabelle will often mention manners for you to maximize your rating too, with common criticisms ranging from lack of scenery into town feeling too rural and being overrun by weeds or trees. To counter these criticisms set up more furniture outside, cut down regions that are choked by trees and plant a lot of flowers so the island looks pretty!
You'll find a feedback letter from none other than K.K Slider 20, once you've reached a three-star rating! The royal musician will go to your city the next day and continue to cheap Animal Crossing Bells make an appearance every Saturday where he'll play music for many of your villagers in concert. You get presents from him and can ask songs! After K.K has played his debut concert in your own island, Tom Nook will probably be waiting outside your door with an album and news that you can access a new app on your NookPhone, the Island Designer. Congratulations!
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