I think that only the cheap Madden 20 coins

If we got MyLeague all into Mut 20 coins a football franchise mode I'd never play another game. The expansions, remodeling any teams jerseys, player customization, draft course quality sliders, regression sliders, transactions allowing more than 3 items, contract personalization, jersey retirements(although I wish you could choose manually who got retired for the user controlled teams), tracking extended terms stats like you mentioned, training campsand owner meetings to alter rules, and much more...ugh MyLeague is my wet dream of a franchise style with how many things you are given access to by them.
I think that it would be cool to get some sort of nfl road or 7v7 match, but like in 2k you create a construct and play with that construct, upgrading it, something like that, but I also feel like it would be hard and any build would be pure rate, in addition to defense being way to difficult, unless you're in the nfl maintaining and studying a WR even as a corner is still pretty damn hard, a good receiver at the least. Wouldn't be compared to myteam rather than ut, I play myteam and 2k is not untrue the sole thing in Madden.
I think that only the cheap Madden 20 coins fact that EA might have some.competition shortly needs to push them to improve their game. I think Superstar KO was an accession to Madden since x-factors were implemented. I'm new to Madden however I saw many things they can choose from FIFA or the NHL game, I do not even know why they didn't do it already. There are some facets in EA UFC career style that would improve franchise.The only thing I desire is more rosters(previous seasons). In like 2 months I have used every group and rebuild them. They have the cash to do this but won't since it takes time.
on May 26 at 08:17 PM

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