Path of Exile's latest alliance harvest is coming !

The latest "Path of Exile" alliance is finally announced, and it looks interesting by introducing it. Introducing Path of Exile: The harvest, as many people have said, is more than a week away from the release. We have started to see some very interesting skills and mechanisms, and we will continue to look forward to it in the next week!

Harvest League is to get seeds from the map, plant seeds and plant your own monsters. In the trailer, you will click on a group of pods on the map, which may have been opened due to the killing of surrounding monsters, and collect the fallen seeds and POE Currency. After you have these, you can take them to a new NPC and go to the "Holy Grove". When you are ready, you can choose to germinate seeds, which will produce monsters that are killed. These monsters will power nearby machines so you can make recipes in them. The machine system looks quite complicated and allows you to transport fuel from one machine to another via cables. As the release approaches, we will learn more about how it works.

This new mechanic system is interesting in many ways, but the biggest advantage is that it makes it easier for most players to make handicrafts. It is also entirely in the game, and its purpose is to improve the game without destroying it. Entering the harvesting alliance requires a lot of skill transformation. The main changes are coming soon in terms of branding, slam skills and war.

The biggest difference of the re-branded skills is that the current brand quickly returns to the original position after the target disappears, and the current brand recall does not refresh the duration of the brand, which means that the prank of the Master has disappeared. However, there are three new brands and one new brand support to make up. The Arcanist brand casts a link spell every time it is activated. The hard work brand will not cause any harm for the duration, but gradually spread to nearby enemies. After moving away from the target, it will explode, causing huge damage. The Wintertide brand will cause cold damage to the attached target over time. The longer the attachment time, the greater the damage.

The Grand Slam skills are bigger AoE, higher damage numbers and more reliable mechanics. Machinery changed skills such as Sunder and Perforate to make it more reliable. Removed the "construct grand slam" "grand slam" mechanism and replaced the amount of endurance with a larger AoE. This situation can also be eliminated by losing a sprint every 3 attacks instead of a 35% chance. In addition, a new slamming skill has been added, namely "Earth Smash", which "will send five destructive cracks in all directions when slamming the ground." It also leaves spikes at the end of each crack, which can explode if hit by other slam or war skills. Very shocking!

The war has erupted in full. Continuous calls can now be cured, and elemental resistance is built into existing skills. The sound of summoning can be used by POE Exalted Orb, but not by items. It can cause double damage for your next attack. Ancestor’s cry is a brand new skill that will make your next strikes target nearby enemies. Earthquake Shout is another new feature that can make your slamming effect have a greater range of effects. The sound of summoning can now give nearby allies a buff, allowing them to gain a certain percentage of weapon damage as additional damage, and enhance the next few attacks. The general's cry is another new skill that can be associated with melee attacks. When used, it will generate ghosts. These ghosts will use this skill once before dissipating. Tears of Hell is the new sound of the abyss, and now enemies in the vicinity are wrapped in ashes, causing them to explode upon death.

So far, we have learned most of the harvest alliance, but there are still many exciting things to try, such as the use of POE Currency and access. In short, this alliance has begun to become an exciting alliance, I look forward to it!
on June 18 at 01:32 AM

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