POE Harvesting Guide: You need to understand what different levels of POE currency will cost

What kind of game is the Path of Exile? POE is a free player that can play the "Diablo" style MMORPG released by Grinding Gear Games in 2013, which contains 7 playable character classes and many deep game mechanics. In addition, its biggest feature of attracting global players is the continuous update of content, also known as expansion, which will release a new content every three months to replace the previous version.

If you have ever played "Path of Exile", then this game will be completely dominated by the in-game economy. In order to get the best score, everyone must get enough POE Currency, not only to enhance the competitiveness and strength of the character, but also make the adventure full of challenges.

This is a concept when it comes to POE items, currency items, and it is difficult to find games with so many types of currency (such as POE), such as balls, reels, gems, cards, etc.

At present, the development of POE 3.11 expansion has entered the final stage, it will be launched for PC on June 19, and the Xbox One and PS4 versions will be launched later. GGG introduces a new alliance mechanism in every expansion. In Harvest, everyone’s task is to plant seeds and grow into dangerous plants.

In each area you explore, you will encounter a seed storage area. The seed storage area will drop seeds for you to plant. After growing into monsters, you can kill them and plunder Lifeforce for further production. In Harvest, you can still customize the battle based on the character's skills and the rewards you want to get. In this process, the huge demand of Buy POE Orbs will directly affect whether you can get enough rewards.

Because different seed caches and monsters will drop different layers of seeds, so what does your money project cost, so you must understand what is worth spending and what can be prosecuted for a long time.
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