Checkout Foreign Company Setup Options in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the most sought after business destination in Asia. Those who want starting an online business in Hong Kong, there are some concerning options available for which you would need suitable solutions. 3E Accounting can help you understand foreign companies' set up options in Hong Kong.

Generally, there are three options to this that include through a representative office, subsidiary company, or branch office. These are three main structures available for investors who are looking to establish their business presence in the country. The structure is decided based on your business goals and plans. Small to midsize companies mostly choose a representative office or a subsidiary company, while larger corporations commonly prefer branch offices.

Which Foreign Company Structure Should You Choose?

The foreign company business structure you should choose will depend on what your business goals and plans encompass. If you anticipate involving in any profit-making undertakings, then either a branch office or a subsidiary company would go with your needs.

If you intend to get an impression of what the business environment in Hong Kong would be like before you move further and integrate a company, then a representative office would best suit you.

People mostly set up a subsidiary company instead of a branch office because a subsidiary company does not call for any local resident personnel and can be established with solitary foreign director and shareholder. It is the most common and stress-free option as it makes it easy for the individual to open corporate bank accounts in Hong Kong.

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