The advantages of buying YouTube Subscribers and views

YouTube is a platform which promotes content on the basis of clicks, shares, and the like it receives. The more clicks, comments, and shares you receive the more it is shown to other people. People often feel that they should first increase their base by buying some subscribers and then probably start launching on it. But wait is it right? 
I will let you decide. Come with me.
Let's take 3 scenarios and understand:-
i)If you buy subscribers, your count of subscribers will obviously increase but it will be very weird when actually no one actually clicks and shares your videos as the paid subscribers may not understand your content and not even understand your language. Youtube will demote your content.
ii)If you buy views like in the case of many celebrities in India and the news breaks out in the media, all your reputation will be gone in a matter of minutes. In this case, all your respect gained will be lost along with your future prospects.
Anyways you will be demoted.
iii) If you buy all the things like Subscribers, Likes, and Fake comments and then If YouTube comes to know this, your career is in anyways ruined.
iv) Let's take the scenario where you bought everything and YouTube also doesn't notice your illegal acts.
You start earning money and fame.
Will you grow as a person?
And the most pertinent question
Will you be proud of yourself?
The answer is No right?
So Be wise in what you decide for yourself.
Solutions/Alternative of buying subscribers and views:-
i)Launching is important. Recently ISRO has had a new Launching site because launching actually matters. If you want to have a proper launching ask your friend who may have some influence and reach on social media.
ii)Be patient. It took more than 5 years for Carryminati to get recognised by Alexa.
iii)Work hard and smart. There is no alternative to it.
Trust yourself because success can't be traded.
So better trust in yourself because hard work actually pays off.

Youtube is one of the biggest social media platforms that is being popularly used by people lately.  Its a platform which is popularly used by content creators to showcase their content to the worldwide audience. 
But how can one compete with other  YouTube content creators who own channels with videos having an average of thousands or lakhs of views and subscribers,  How can one make that if the competition is really big and diverse out there?  
Gowing as a content creator on youtube is really tough these days because of the flooding of content on youtube in recent times.  As per a report from 2019, there are total 30+ million active youtube channels right now with a  huge audience of  2 billion people worldwide.  
These figures are so huge that they are enough for youtube to be considered as the world’s biggest social media platform after TikTok.   
To grow on  youtube  quickly,  one  of  the  most popular way  is to buy  subscribers and views.  A  lot of  small  youtubers who aspire to look  more influential on  youtube  use such tactics to grab engagement on  youtube  to  make their channel look like  a  growing channel that  could  look  appealing  to the audience.  Buying  youtube  subscribers and  views is very  common  these days. 
A  lot of  channels purchase an  ample  amount  of  viewers and  subscribers to kickstart their  youtube  channel  as  it  has its own perks  as well  such  as: 
 1.  It helps you gain some real subscribers - Buying subscribers on youtube makes it look that one is very influential. This way,  people will start engaging with your content because they see that people are subscribing to your channel. And as you gain more and more views on your videos,  you may notice that individuals are now inquisitive about following your channel.  Clicking that  "subscribe"  button is very  easy  for  them.
 2.  It  makes your channel look  more popular- If  the  number  of  subscribers is low, then it  implies that  your reach is low or  nobody  wants to follow  you. Once people see low figures, they  lookahead  for a related  video with  higher  views and a channel with  the  next number of  subscribers. Of  course,  who does  not want that.  Hence buying subscribers  to  look popular  comes  in handy.
 3.  It requires  a low  amount  of efforts- Obviously  buying followers instantly  will  save  the time to  earn them  with  your content.  Its easier to  boost the amount of  followers  with paying certain  amount rather than  just working really  hard. 
4. It  helps you reach your target audience- Well, one  would  want to  market  his  channel to a selected audience whom  they  think that will appreciate  their  content. Once  they  really  watch  your  videos and  feel that they're really relevant to  them, they'll start talking about  it. they'll start sharing it with their own viewers. This way,  you're also  creating  your own community  –  a networking strategy. Hence, purchasing subscribers and  viewers  on  youtube can  come in handy  for kickstarting and growing a  youtube  channel  in a  really  shoort span of  time.   
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