Maplestory 2 get monster-shaped balloons

For a short time, play as Pink Bean and earn special rewards!

The Burning Project returns to assist you level up, and now we embrace the warm spring weather with Easter and springtime events. All this and more inside 12th Terrorversary update!


It’s Nexon America’s 12th Anniversary of MapleStory 2 Mesos MapleStory, otherwise known as…Thursday the 12th!

We’re celebrating with a lot of spooky events. Defeat the freaky Frankenbalrog appearing in the city and see if you possibly could find a Frankenbalrog Chair!

 Collect helium to fill monster-shaped to Buy MS 2 Mesos balloons and receive monster-themed facial accessories along with a Wild Bean Balloon Mount.
on January 11 at 07:31 PM

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