Delted at midnight Maplestory M Mesos Since


Delted at midnight Maplestory M Mesos Since hotdays technically reset at midnight PST I assumed that they meant midnight PST Especially since thats much closer to care timeInstead Im guessing my  V boxes vanished because they place it to midnight GMT with no actual sign of it being GMT from the description or the information post or the discussion


articleI saved them to start them because theyd have filled my inventory with scrolls yesterdaybut nevertheless nexon is too inept to run a line of code and then delete the items throughout upkeep rather theyd rather put new boxes for a brand new patch in prior to the patch actually occursUsually I take break from walnut because its a


bad addiction and I am having a lot of fun but this time youve destroyed an entire event for the casual gamers youre trying to attract back Ill make certain to verbally denounce your company to everyone I know who has some interest in playing a nexon game again I dont consider games a waste of time when I like myself and feel


rewarded by the programmers but nexon actually wasted my time Maplestory M Mesos for sale wth this terrible eventI would not have played unless I believed those boxes would be rewarding and I received no substantial reward for playing all week There could also have been no event whatsoever for me Nexon does not appreciate my patronage  opened a day The



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