MapleStory M Mesos: How to Link Account

And I understand that these changes could be extremely hard to implement. But frankly, this is exactly what the game needs at this point. Maple M Mesos  opens up the route for more training reasons, eliminates penalties on celebration play and even offers incentives for it, makes bossing more dynamic (if only marginally ) and in general just improves the game.

I was wondering when are we getting compensation for the leafs which has been exchanged prior to the May 14th Care. Since Artasi said we will be receiving it on the May 20th following maintenance. I haven't received any 10th Anniversary coins expect for your 20 coins that you obtain from the box following maintenance.

Compensated players will receive one (1) 10th Anniversary Coin for each Maple Leaf exchange they made prior to the May 14 maintenance.Maple are still planning to proceed forward with the reimbursement for the shift in the Leaf exchange rate.The execution of this compensation wasn't tied to the maintenance that has been completed earlier today.

There is a chance, however, can you buy maplestory m mesos  that there might be a minor delay at the change taking effect because we're focused on addressing the connectivity issues that have been impacting MapleStory. As soon as Maple have an update on the implementation program Maple will let you understand immediately.

Easy-to-implement ways to earn more maplestory m coins.Legitimate players can't realistically make more than 3000 maplestory m coins throughout the event.Listed below are a few procedures which I think should be quite easy to implement, also in time to get tomorrow.
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