How to Get 25 Free Madden 18 Legends

Fans of Madden 18 and Madden Ultimate Team ought to spend 3 minutes to earn 25 Legends in Madden Ultimate Team by linking their account with Twitch. That’s right, you may get 25 free Twitch Legends in Madden 18 and you'll be able to upgrade them from 83 into a 90 OVR ratings with the season.
You need Madden NFL Overdrive Coins and you also need Twitch Prime because of this to work. The great news is the fact Twitch Prime is free of charge for Amazon Prime members then there is a thirty day Twitch Prime free trial that you could use to unlock this epic Twitch Loot. in case you start your trial and obtain the loot, you don’t ought to pay and keep getting it.
The first Madden Ultimate Team Legend for Buy Madden NFL Overdrive Coins is undoubtedly an 85 OVR Reggie White, and you go for five collectibles. Each week Twitch will announce your next Madden 18 Legend during Friday Night Madden between 8-10 PM weekly.
on April 15 at 09:06 PM

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