Star Wars: The Old Republic will have a new expansion: shock

SWTOR will update subscribers for new content for free. The DLC will be available to everyone in September.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (Star Wars: The Old Republic) will be free to update all subscribers in September next year. The BioWare MMO was launched in 2011 with a total of 6 expansions, but has not expanded to this level in three years. Charge is his name.

Since it has been commissioned to confirm the title of the official website, Onslaught will arrive in September, in the middle of the war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. We can choose which side to explore two new planets, a new action, skill, level and dungeon.

The confirmed territories include Onderon and Mek-Sha, Dxun, where the new action will be, and return to Corellia. This will be provided at the time of release and you can play with your friends. He also pointed out that they mentioned that they emphasized decision-making in the battle, although we do not know how it will be achieved. Those who don't subscribe to the game will have to pay, even though we don't know how much. But people who have subscribed to the game still have the same place as everyone else, and that is to pay
SWTOR Credits to buy what they need in the game.

As for the last days in the video game industry's protagonist, Star Wars: Jedi Fall, little by little we know that there are few new details beyond the first trailer. On the one hand, the title is playable 4K resolution and compatible HDR game consoles such as: Xbox One X.

In addition, "this story is very important to rebirth" Chris Evlilon, the screenwriter team said. Cameron Monaghan, who has made a clown on the world street series, will be responsible for explaining this adventure reborn entertainment, the protagonist of Carl Kesti's single-player game.

The story will be arranged in chronological order after the third episode. We will control in a young apprentice who has to flee cleaning order 66 now the goal will be to rebuild the Jedi, but this will need to collect our past clips and a lot of SWTOR Credits Buy, and complete the Jedi training, including the mastery of skill Or laser sword; all of this before the empire arrived at us.

Star Wars: The Jedi Fall will be released on the PC on November 15th with a different version of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox in both physical and digital formats.
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