7 Stages of Male Pattern Baldness Explained

Okay, so women or men- we all are quite much attached to our hair. Youth is referred to hair for men, and the real trouble begins when the baldness kicks in. Hair loss, sometimes, is not associated to your age, in fact- it can cause to anyone regardless of your age- young or teen, aged or middle-aged, if you don’t care for your hair properly, then trust me, it’s going to lead you to baldness.

As you know, reasons for baldness can be stress, anxiety, depression, struggles with financial tensions and a lot of other mental issues. However, baldness can be caused due to bad diet as well. Hence, it is recommended that you take a proper diet as per your health, and of course as according to the climate as well.

male pattern baldness stages


However, here we have explained the 7 stages of male baldness- have a look at it-

7 Stages of male pattern baldness explained

Well, to help you understand better, we have put together the entire 7 stages of baldness occurring in males- check them out-

  1. Light Stage

The hair loss will be quite light, you probably can’t even notice the hair fall. However, hair thinning may occur, just near the hairline region. It is recommended that you don’t ignore, when you take proper care at the early stage then yes you can stop baldness.

  1. Noticeable Stage

You might have already guessed it. This is the stage where you will slowly start noticing your baldness and hair fall. It will also highlight the effects of the hairline. The M-shape in the front will start sooner.

  1. Visible over Scalp

Now the baldness will be visible over your scalp, after the M-shape effect. You probably have no much of hair in the hairline area. However, the hair would become thin and you will soon see the baldness appearing. It can indeed be difficult to cover up the area where there is no hair.

  1. Large Bald Area

Yes, this is the stage where you will notice baldness in various areas around your scalp, forehead, and hairline. This is the stage where you will have concerns. The larger bald spots are the right symptoms though.

  1. Severe stage

You probably won’t be able to do anything at this stage. The hair fall or the hair loss has become totally severe and baldness has taken over more than 50% of your looks. This often occurs at the age of 50 for men. However, there are some men, who would go for an aggressive shaving to fight hair loss.

  1. Middle Scalp

It has now taken control over your middle head or the scalp. No hair is left on your middle scalp, and yes it indeed feels embarrassing. Only the sides of the head have hair left now, and rest looks like it’s shaved. However, you can go for products and hair transplantation treatments at this stage.

  1. Horseshoe stage

This seventh stage is certainly known as the horseshoe pattern wherein the no hair can be seen at your middle, half-back and the front of your scalp. Don’t worry, there are many such herbs and products that can save you though.


Hence, you have now known the whole seven stages of male baldness, and that can be pretty difficult to tolerate. So, try taking a healthy diet, go for appropriate fiber hair products or probably go organic, and if not, then figure it out at the early stage and go for some hair medications.

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