Rocket League: How to play the ghost hunting mode

The Rock League's Radical Summer event has already begun, and there is already a new game mode for players to enjoy. This is slightly different from the previous situation, and many players are puzzled by the mechanism behind it. To help, here's a quick guide on how to play the ghost hunting mode in the Rockets League during the aggressive summer event. In addition, There are also some updates to the rules for using Rocket League Items and Rocket League Keys, and players can learn more about it.

The core mechanics of Ghost Hunt are almost the same as Soccar, which is the default mode you know and love. The map is the similar, along with the basic physical characteristics in the shot offer a similar experience at some point. Give it time to fly, it would appear that the momentum will pull down prior to a ball stops hovering via a flight if it won't hit or connect to it. What really changed was the goal as well as the new proton package. Basically Quite a few and get towards the ball provided that it is available, as possible used being a super magnet to glue the ball to or near your vehicle.

Triggering this action will pull the ball closer and hold it there for a few seconds, giving you time to push it toward the containment area that is in front of the enemy's usual target. As a team, you can get the ball by hitting the ball or using Proton Pack, then you need to protect it. The ball must stay in this area for at least two seconds to score. Let other teams fail to beat it, you will understand this. Similarly, another team sends the ball to the containment area to give you two seconds to hit it or use a proton package to grab it. In fact, it is as necessary and efficient as the player needs Rocket League Items in the mmoah.

This is how to play the Ghost Hunt mode in the Rockets League during the Radical Summer event. Get the most points to win the winner. Be prepared to make more changes and new game modes during the Rockets League Summer event.

on June 11 at 09:34 PM

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