Im glad your career is Rs gold going great

Im glad your career is Rs gold going great so gl in the future but I'm finishing my trip here.Runescape isnt a waste of time. Runescape inspired me and gave me ideas about how best to make money. The internet has become my Grand Exchange, and when I could grind mining for 8 hours, why should grind irl for 8 hours? So it's taught me patience.
This is only one of the greatest greatest achievements I have ever seen. Just been following you for a couple months now, but each day that I regret not finding your station sooner. Keep doing what you're doing. The Morytania Only UIM series is much more engaging and attractive. Very well done, your love of Runescape is so evident in your videos and is exactly what makes your channel so spectacular.
Was so hyped for thid movie!! So amazing. You've been such a major inspiration for me!! Your videos are some of THE best osrs videos out there!! You propably know me, over twitch Im"therealsipp". I am so grateful for how to make money on runescape 2018 you creating your videos and your streams. You deserve eveything. 2019 will be even better!! Stay as you are (maybe not ur stats on Swampletics;-RRB- ) and maintain it up!Now that you're maxed what now? You can't do anything fun as you're restricted from nearly everything.
Go live and learn a few irl skills to maybe better your future rather than playing runescape. Nonetheless only saying if you had thAt kind of drive to do something. Do it in a means that will benefit the rest of your life.
Ah yes, the good old times of RS, I recall playing with my brother, father and at times sister, but only my dad and brother got membership. They always gave us 100k gold just like every week from grinding on clan wars or whatever it was predicted. So much nostalgia.
on July 14 at 08:01 PM

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