The akin of absorption and detail


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  • We were accumbent in our goals on breadth the aggregation is headed, goals on our activity to win titles or breadth the team's eyes was at. Aggregate was a absolute fit. While I was approached by abounding altered teams, 100 Thieves was the aggregation that showed the a lot of absorption in me. I had conversations with the team's players, CEO, accepted manager, esports manager. They asked absolute all-embracing questions, even down to how we will admission the game.

    The akin of absorption and detail they put into the discussions CCosplay fabricated me feel that the aggregation was austere about accepting me as a allotment of the team. And the amalgamation the aggregation offered was absolute generous, too. I anticipate [the aggregation and I] absolutely capital [to plan with] anniversary other. That doesn't consistently happen. I active with 100 Thieves afterwards hesitation.

    You played with SK Telecom T1 for a absolute connected time, and now you are headed for a new challenge. How do you feel about your time on SKT and the move now that you accept had time to reflect on it?It isn't simple to accord a abbreviate acknowledgment to that. I've been a able gamer for six years, and out of these, 5 years were with SKT. At this point, the abstraction of a new claiming became a absolute adorable anticipation for me. That's my one-sentence arbitrary of it.

    I accomplished a lot during my time in SK Telecom. I even had the adventitious to play for SKT for accession year. However, [the aggregation and I] mutually absitively that departing means was the best resolution for both of us. We both saw the positives of us departing means rather than the sad parts.The abstraction of a new claiming was the better individual acumen [for me abrogation SKT], but there were so abounding abate reasons, too. There was a achievement for ... freedom. A abandon in every individual aspect [of getting a able player]. I'm not adage that SKT and the Korean teams abridgement in freedom. However, there is accession akin of abandon aloft what they offer. It's difficult for me to go into too abundant detail, but yeah.
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