As we suspected from Cheap OSRS gold


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As we suspected from Cheap OSRS gold


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  • Clash, as we suspected from Cheap OSRS gold previous teasers, conveys a defense similar to the one. The shield is obviously completely stretched when outfitted and, although she can't hold a gun whilst using her defense, it does have an added electricity shot capacity that slows enemies while dealing a little bit of damage.

    Her skill makes her the first defender to take a shield and a useful service Operator, permitting her to gather intel on enemy positions and distracting them while teammates pick off them.

    The attacker is named Maverick, along with his distinctive tool is a blowtorch that can burn through reinforced walls silently. Ostensibly an alternate to Thermite and Hibana, he could open up goal rooms to permit greater traces of sight--and then kill chances.

    However, it takes a while to burn larger holes, making it difficult to stay alive long enough to burn a sufficiently large hole to creep through. When combined with smoke grenades and the thermal scope of Glaz Maverick's blowtorch can be lethal.

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