Many teenagers use cell phones for entertainment purposes including porno

  Society has entered to the Era of Technology and Communication, and this technological development has changed the social landscape of society. The great layer of information and varieties of technology become available now, and such gadgets like cell phones become affordable for a wide China LED Track Lighting Suppliers audience including a teenage group. Today, it is difficult to imagine a modern teenager without a cell phone in spite of the fact that a cell phone is not a harmless toy as it seems to be.

  Statement. A cell phone becomes an addition for millions of teenagers around the globe, and its use by this age group has many disadvantages with short-term and long-term consequences.

  Cell phones have a negative impact on health including radiation impact namely electromagnetic-radiation source held so near the brain. The research has found that a cell phone technology hurts teenagers worse than adults. “What the horrified researchers saw on their monitors was deep penetration of cell phone microwave radiation into soft brain tissue. Even worse, the resulting disruptions of the electrochemical synapses engaged in thought and learning persisted long after the phone was turned off” (Put This In Your Ear And Light It, 2005). Although the small amount of energy from a cell phone has been reported to generate stress responses in animals' cells and affect reflexes.

  The use of a cell phone can resulted in a stress caused by a phone theft or damage. This can lead to an incredible amount of stress, most of which is totally unnecessary. The stress is also added by the need to have the latest model of a cell phone such as with camera or mp3, etc. It is important to note that cell phones as any other technology means constant change, which results in high levels of stress from adapting to these changes. Our primitive mechanisms for adjusting to change are often over-whelmed by the innovation of change that we need to live and work with.

  Many teenagers use cell phones for entertainment purposes including porno services and violent games. The influence of this negative culture on the development of teenagers is profound because of its harmful effects and false morals. Teenagers spend time and efforts loading and updating their melodies and games wasting their money and money of their perants. If it is possible for parents to control PC usage and limit access to porno sites, they are not able to control all phone calls of their children.

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