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Everybody lies Lionel Messi Jersey , and storytellers are some of the best liars around. But here is the problem: People like storytellers. They hate liars. The meaning is similar but different. In the South, storytellers sit on porch swings and drink ice tea. Liars stare down the barrel of shotguns.


I should know. I'm from the South and we shoot liars all the time. Of course, I'm lying. But I can't help it. After all, I am a ?Southern? storyteller. I emphasis the adjective because I believe Southerners tell stories for reasons that are not always apparent to our friends in other parts of the United States. Our stories are more than entertainment. They teach lessons and those lessons are always filled with wisdom that is inspirational.


For example, everybody knows the old saying ?you can't teach an old dog new tricks.? I bet what people don't know is that it comes from the South. Of course Luis Suarez Jersey , people in the Midwest will swear it's theirs. They're lying. If they just happen to be telling the truth, then it doesn't really matter because I'll still say it's ours. In fact, we have been using that saying for so long that strong personal philosophies have grown up around it. One man says, ?You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach old tricks to a new dog.? Then the man sitting next to him will say FC Barcelona Jersey , ?What dogs won't learn, cats will.? These two men could sit on the porch and twist and turn one simple idea a million different ways?and I'm not lying.


This story illustrates a more complex idea that I want to make about the relationship between storytelling and students. In his book ?All Marketers are Liars,? Seth Godin claims that marketing is about telling a good story. Successful marketers tell us stories that match our belief systems and these stories directly influence our behavior. I understand Godin's points. What I fail to understand is why students don't appropriate this behavior when it comes to marketing themselves to themselves. It seems to me to be the most important skill students can develop and exploit. But they don't. Students are malcontent and maladjusted because storytelling has been outsourced to actors, singers, reporters Christian Pulisic Jersey , politicians, and marketers who are not always heavily invested in telling them the truth. These people influence the stories students tell themselves. This influence is why students have stopped telling themselves stories to celebrate their differences. It is more acceptable to be like others. Students have stopped telling themselves stories for inspiration. Religious leaders and talk show hosts fill this gap. Storytelling is in the hands of the folks in New York and Hollywood and they are not giving it back without a fight.


My advice to students is simple. Prepare to fight. Southerners are always up for a brawl. After all, we did lose the war. But we learned some lessons that no other region in the United States has ever had to learn. We learned to love ourselves. We learned that storytelling is transformative. It uplifts. It heals. And if we lack influence, wealth, beauty Willian Jersey , and fame (qualities all students covet), we always own a more powerful tool. That tool is storytelling and stories are what it manifests. Now, that's the truth.

Interest rates in the United States have tended to move in cycles. There have been three major movements involved in these cycles: a downward trend from 1870 to the turn of the century, an upward movement from about 1900 to 1924, and another down swing which continued into the 1940s. The rate of interest earned by the Metropolitan passed through the same three periods of rise and fall. In the first few decades of the company's history the amounts available for investment were relatively small Chelsea FC Jersey , with the result that the earnings fluctuated rather widely from year to year.

Yet it is clear from the data available that the general tendency was toward a decreasing yield. This might be due to a large portion of the United States being unable to buy even the most affordable life insurance that Metropolitan Life Insurance Company offered. With the reversal of the trend, the net interest earnings by the company increased quite steadily from 4 percent in 1900 to nearly 5.5 percent in 1924. Thereafter, however, the return on investments has tended to drop.

During the latter half of the 1920's the fall was gradual, declining from 5.4 percent in 1924 to 5.2 percent in 1929 and 1930. During the early years of the depression there was a greatly accelerated drop Thomas Lemar Jersey , and by 1935 the net income on Metropolitan investments was slightly less than 3.7 percent. Then, the decline leveled off. In 1941, the interest earned was 3.4 percent. The interest rates for each of the major classes of investment have followed the same course as that for all types combined. Their respective net returns, however, have differed.

They also differed between different types of life insurance Alvaro Morata Jersey , from the more affordable term life insurance to the long lasting whole life insurance. Considering the two major classifications of life insurance investment, we find that mortgage loans on city and farm property have yielded a higher return than has the bond portfolio. For 10 years prior to 1929 the interest earned on mortgage loans, deducting investment expenses and asset losses, was 5.5 percent, as against 5 percent for bonds and stocks.

However Atletico Madrid FC Jersey , at least a portion of the higher yield on mortgage loans represents a risk element for possible future losses and reduced return on real estate acquired through foreclosure. During the period from 1929 to 1941, inclusive, the corresponding net yield on mortgage loans and foreclosed real estate combined was 3.4 percent, as against 3.5 percent for bonds and stocks. The marked increase in government bonds in the company's portfolio, coupled with the decrease in investments such as mortgage loans Juan Jesus Jersey , contributed toward lowering recent interest earnings.

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