Jammers have been used in major exams

The President of the State stated in a press release that portable jammer will be installed in all test centers and no electronic equipment will be allowed in the hall. He said that mobile phones, electronic watches and other electronic devices have been banned. He added that analog watches, rings, chains, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and cuffs are also prohibited.

Researchers initially faced two major disadvantages when using this device. The first is that it is very directional, requiring the wearer to point the drone jammer to the exact location of the tracker. Secondly, it relies on multiple transducers. Although these transducers expand the interference range, they also cancel each other out, thereby forming a blind spot. If there is a microphone in the blind spot, it will not be blocked. Therefore, the researchers proposed a ring-shaped design that can kill those blind spots through hand movements.

Nearly a decade after the beginning of modernization of the poorly equipped police force, Himal al-Ban received the first vehicle-mounted 5g jammer, which cost Rs 1.88 million. The police also purchased two portable jammers, each costing 5 million rupees. Diljit Singh Thakur, Deputy Inspector General (DIG, CID Intelligence), said: "Over the years, during the VVIP visit, we had to rely on interference vehicles from neighbouring Haryana and Punjab. Now, we have our own vehicles."

In order to re-examine cheating in the use of electronic equipment during the exam, the Himalal government decided to use signal jammer at the test center that plans to recruit police officers on September 8. The police arrested six people from abroad to take the test as a local candidate, so the time for the test was rescheduled. "Electronic companies requiring Indian anonymity to install jammers in all 19 test centers across India," a policeman requesting anonymity said. On August 11, the Himal al police conducted recruitment examinations for 1063 police officers, of which more than 39,242 appeared.

Senior officials said that high-resolution night vision cameras and communication wifi jammer that can recognize faces will also be deployed. Scouts and snipers will also be deployed on the roofs of high-rise buildings in the area. The NSG-trained Parakram team of police will also be deployed in the capital’s busy markets, shopping malls, monuments and important government buildings. Recently, intelligence agencies provided input and reported possible threats from terrorist groups.

The duty traffic police team took action on the gps jammer  by attaching it to the tire of a car. The police team left because the defendant was not at the scene. At the same time, the owner of the two-wheeler came to the scene and fled with the jammer. In the second case, a car driver parked his vehicle bearing number plate MH 12 JH 1770 in a no-parking area, and the police attached a jammer to a tire of the vehicle for this purpose. When returning, the car driver removed the jammer and fled the scene.




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