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SAN FRANCISCO , March 14 (Xinhua) -- A professor with University of California, Berkeley, is on a research team that paints lactate in a more sinister light -- as a key driver in the development and spread of cancer.


George Brooks, a renown researcher of the complex, often misunderstood molecule, spent two years working with Inigo San Millan Air Max Fille Soldes France , director of the sports performance department and physiology laboratory at the University of Colorado (CU) Sports Medicine and Performance Center at CU Boulder, on a paper recently published in the journal Carcinogenesis.


For decades, lactate has been studied largely in the context of exercise, painted as a nagging metabolic byproduct that accumulates in the tissues and blood during workouts, stiffening muscles and hindering performance.


As far back as 1923, German Nobel laureate Otto Warburg observed that cancer cells take in exponentially more sugar Air Max Soldes livraison gratuite , or glucose, than normal cells. They inefficiently convert far less of it into energy, rather converting about 70 percent of it to lactate as a byproduct. The phenomenon, the first sign of a normal cell turning cancerous through abnormal cell metabolism, is known as the "Warburg effect."


With a heightened focus on genetics in recent decades, most researchers moved away from studying cancer metabolism Air Max Fille Soldes , and the role of lactate became overshadowed, San Millan said.


The new study illuminates the role lactate plays in fueling angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels in tumors; how it interferes with the body's immune response to cancer; and how it creates an acidic microenvironment, or the space outside the cancer cell, supportive of cancer metastases, or spread.


It also theorizes how three major transcription factors Air Max Homme Soldes , or proteins, involved in most cancers, namely HIF-1,cMYC, and p53, kick-start and perpetuate lactate deregulation in cancer.


The paper draws parallels between what happens in the muscles of an athlete in training Air Max Femme Soldes , and what happens in a developing cancer.


"During high-intensity exercise, working muscles display many of the same metabolic characteristics as cancer cells," San Millan, a former pro cyclist and physiologist to Tour de France cyclists, was quoted as explaining in a news release from CU Boulder. Muscles take up large amounts of glucose, turning it to energy inside the mitochondria and churning out more lactate than the body can immediately clear.


In a healthy person Air Max Soldes Chine , Brooks' research has shown, the body then recycles that lactate for beneficial use, turning it into a key source of fuel for the brain, muscles, and organs, preventing it from building up. In cancer Nike Air Max Soldes , the authors of the paper suggest, that recycling system breaks down.


While people who exercise regularly are at less risk of cancer, in part due to their body's ability to clear lactate more efficiently, San Millan noted, a sedentary lifestyle, combined with excess sugar intake may fuel lactate accumulation and kick-start the metabolic misfiring that can lead to cancer.








MEXICO CITY, July 28, 2016 (Xinhua) -- A former inmate of a Mexican prison works on a leather piece to make goods for the Prison Art project, in Mexico City, capital of Mexico on July 26, 2016. Prison Art is a trademark which offers great variety of leather goods made by inmates from several prisons in the country. It can help inmates obtain monthly income and also offers opportunity for inmates after they leave prison. (XinhuaCarlos Ramirez)




Kobo is just about the new entries into the particular e-reader market. Kobo is a product or service from Borders meant to compete along with the other online bookstores for a share you can find. Kobo is late to your game Air Max Soldes Pas Cher , poorly advertised and does not have any real features making it stand out. In many ways it resembles the Kindle 2. When it was subsequently first released it was drastically lower than the kindle 2 with price, but now that Amazon has cut the price tag to lower than the Kobo, this reader comes with lost all its allure. Unless new features are released in avoiding the Kobo.




The iPad is king of the tablets. The size can make it a little difficult for long-run reading. The Battery living is far shorter compared to Kindle and Sony designed for travel. But for all-around capabilities nothing even occurs remotely close. The Nook Color and your access to the android network will be the only eReader that even makes an endeavor to compete with the functionality with the iPad and it won’t even begin to strategy it.


Kindle 2


In some tactics the kindle 2 continues to the eReader to exhausted. If you desire efficiency, it pales in comparison to Nook Color, and set in a different universe belonging to the iPad. But for PURE eBook reading it is the best… but by just a very narrow margin.


eReader Comparison
There is no doubt that the ebook reader is one particular advancements in technology that is most welcome and has made life very much easier for book buffs everywhere. It is definitely the hugely popular device with many of us looking to discover just what the best eReader your money can buy is.


Carrying and storing books is very little longer tiresome since you can easily have thousands of titles right close to hand, and take them with you wherever you go. Are most people in college Air Max Soldes , maybe you only read once in a while, perhaps only on holiday getaway or do you spend a lot of time immersed in reading daily?


Storage will be a crucial feature if you read considerably which means you’ll will need adequate memory. In element, a device that minimizes eye-strain might be important. If you plan on having it on an outing a lot, it requires to be durable and robust. This is just an example of the questions you need to be asking yourself before you choose on an eReader.


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