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Seventy-seven people arrested in Nairobi may be involved in a phone scam ring Tyler Johnson Womens Jersey , and China will cooperate with Kenyan authorities in the investigation and aid in its efforts to bring those responsible to justice, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a regular news conference in Beijing on Friday.


"We also hope Kenyan authorities will ensure Chinese citizens' lawful rights, and process this case in a just and lawful manner," she said.


Kenyan police found a large stash of unregistered telecommunication equipment in a villa near the office of the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi while investigating a fire that killed a Chinese national. The find led to the arrest of the 77 suspects.


Sources said one of the suspects is a Thai passport holder and the rest are from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.


Phone fraud gangs have previously been found in various regions on the Chinese mainland and in Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia Anton Stralman Womens Jersey , the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore. This case could signal a relocation of such crime rings to Africa.


China had more than 300 Mikhail Sergachev Womens Jersey ,000 telecommunication fraud cases in 2013, resulting in a loss of more than 10 billion yuan ($1.63 billion), according to Chinese National Congress deputy Chen Weicai.


Criminals, usually claiming to be from the police, a court or bank Nikita Kucherov Womens Jersey , typically telephone Chinese citizens and try to persuade them to transfer money to bank accounts.


Using special technologies, they can mimic the telephone number of the police, court or bank on the victim's cellphone to make the call seem genuine.




Arguably the most quoted statistic about China is that it's home to an awful lot of people - more than 1.3 billion to be precise.


In a questionable leap of logic, many then translate that fact into thinking there are 1.3 billion potential customers in China - whether you're in the market of selling smartphones, building e-commerce franchises or attracting sports fans.


Exaggeration is all part of the game when it comes to self-promotion and marketing Steven Stamkos Womens Jersey , but the problems begin when those who should know better are not corrected by those that do.


A week ago, legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum told anyone who would listen that he expected more than 300 million Chinese sports fans to watch two-time Olympic champion Zou Shiming take on Thai boxer Kwanpichit Onesongchaigym in what was widely presumed to be an eliminator for a title fight early next year. Zou won a bruising encounter during which he received an accidental headbutt which left him with his left eye swollen shut.


The capacity crowd at the Venetian resort in Macao were suitably impressed, but beyond that, the news garnered little attention. The actual number of people who tuned in to watch at least one minute of the fight from the mainland turned out, according to CSM Media Research Vladislav Namestnikov Jersey , to be well below 2 million, but Arum's absurd prediction - somewhere between wild optimism and outright lying - was still the number that grabbed the most attention.


Entertaining a room full of gambling enthusiasts is one thing, but converting a population into boxing fans is quite another.


Unfortunately, Arum's numbers aren't the only ones that are faulty. Manchester United claim to have 109 million "followers" in China, and while the small print makes it clear that a "follower" is nothing like the conventional notion of a "fan Andrei Vasilevskiy Jersey ," the small print always gets lost in the noise. Never let the truth, as they say, get in the way of a good story.


Similarly, sports properties around the world often boast of their huge followings on Chinese social media, oblivious of (or choosing to ignore) that the vast majority of those following them on Weibo are essentially inactive accounts - by Sina's own admission. These faulty numbers then form the basis for a succession of lucrative sponsorship deals.


There is no question that China possesses many millions of passionate sports fans Victor Hedman Jersey , but optimism about the sports industry's future needs to be tempered with a healthy dose of realism.


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